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Supporting Trump Brings Me More Grief Than Links to Bin Laden, Al Qaeda Founder’s Niece Says

Supporting Trump Brings Me More Grief Than Links to Bin Laden, Al Qaeda Founder’s Niece Says

Supporting Trump Brings Me More Grief Than Links to Bin Laden, Al Qaeda Founder’s Niece Says
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Last month, Noor bin Ladin, a Swiss-born niece of the infamous terrorist mastermind, publicly praised US President Donald Trump for his Middle East policies and argued that his re-election will be necessary to prevent a repetition of 9/11 attacks.

The niece of al-Qaeda’s* co-founder, Osama bin Laden, wrote in a recent article that she lost “a few so-called friends” because of her support for President Donald Trump. According to 33-year-old Noor bin Ladin, she has apparently experienced a deeper distress from holding these political views that from her family’s associations to a terrorist leader.

“From a sociological standpoint, it is quite interesting that in some elitist circles being pro-Trump has caused me more grief than carrying the name bin Ladin.”

AP Photo / Tia DufourIn this image provided by the White House, President Donald Trump listens during a phone call with Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley, Sunday, Oct. 4, 2020

Ladin, whose branch of the family spells the surname differently from that of their infamous relation, also wrote that she was shocked by “gleeful comments devoid of compassion” that appeared on social media after President Trump was diagnosed with coronavirus last week. The woman even argued that North Korea’s head Kim Jong-un showed “more sympathy” to America’s commander-in-chief than “many of the President’s detractors.”

Osama bin Laden’s Niece Sends Shockwaves With Her Revelations

Bin Ladin’s admiration for Trump was unexpected by many. In an interview with The New York Post in September she said that Trump’s re-election was necessary to prevent future terrorist attacks such as 9/11. POTUS “has shown he protects America … from foreign threats by obliterating terrorists at the root and before they get a chance to strike,” she insisted.

Later, she sent an open letter to all Americans where she praised Trump’s Chinese and Middle East policies. In a new post, Ladin reiterated her earlier positive evaluations.

Despite many criticisms America’s 45th president is currently facing at home, Ladin believes that it was exactly Trump who “removed handicapping regulations to American economic growth, rebuilt a depleted military, brought back manufacturing and revamped dying industries by renegotiating trade deals and cutting taxes.”

According to Bin Ladin, Trump was also the one who “curbed immigration”, achieved “energy independence” and in general gave the United States a chance at restoring “her principles, pride, independence and true place in the world.”

Noor is a daughter of Yeslam bin Laden, a son of a Saudi businessman Mohammed bin Laden and older half-brother of al-Qaeda’s mastermind. Her mother, Carmen Dufour, is a Swiss national.

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